Corporate responsibility

We are well aware of our Social responsibility as a pioneer in the carpets industry, let us explain to you how we try every day to make sure that we stay a responsible company:

The GoodWeave Label

The GoodWeave label is the best assurance no child, forced or bonded labor was used in the making of a certified product, and it also means your purchase supports programs that educate children and improve working conditions for adults in producer communities.

  • We strongly believe that the most important goal is to make sure that the people who are involved in the whole production chain of carpets are happy and confident to work with us.
  • Only when this is achieved; Beautiful carpets will be there for all of us.
  • We make sure that there is absolutely no child labour involved in the process of making EBRU carpets.
  • Making sure that everybody that works on an EBRU carpet has good working conditions.
  • Goodweave checks working conditions on a regular basis during all the processes in the production chain.
  • We invest in a good relation between EBRU and our production units to make sure that we have a good understanding, we work with some of our production units over 35 years now.

If you have any questions about our way of working please send us an e-mail or give us a call, we will be happy to help you.