Our Collections


A collection of rugs that you can compare with haute coulture. This collection only works with the very best and most exclusive materials, the finest knotting and traditional details. They are true works of art and craftsmanship. These rugs are exclusive and the number of craftsmen who can make them are scarce. All Signature carpets are handmade.


In this collection you can find classic patterns in new jackets. These are either handmade or machine-woven, after which the finish is done by hand. With this collection, EBRU remains true to its past and origins. But through the further development of thecollection, new playful shapes, color combinations and pattern combinations have emerged.


This collection is accessible, has a lower entry price level than the Signature collection but does offer EBRU quality. This collection offers a wide range of sub collections so that there is something for everyone. This main collection includes hand-tufted, hand-woven as well as machine-woven rugs.