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How to take the best care of your EBRU carpets

General guidelines :

  • The most important step towards long–lasting beauty, comfort and durability with your carpet is to vacuum it regularly, this prevents soil from becoming embedded in the carpet’s pile.
  • Rotate your carpet every now and then if it is exposed to high traffic, in this way the carpet will be more even wear over time.
  • Vacuum the back of your carpet every year to make sure that there is no ore dust and dirt in your carpet.
  • If you would like to ‘wash’ your carpet it is best to do this during the winter when there is snow outside. Place your carpet in the snow that it will be cleaned naturally. Wait until your carpet is dry before putting it back on the floor!
  • Address spills and stains immediately, for most stains it is best to first try to clean with water. If you are not sure how to clean a stain it is always possible to send us a e-mail at
  • If your carpet is placed in the full sunlight it is important to rotate it 180 degrees every now and then, because of the sunlight it is possible that there will be a colour difference  in your carpet. By rotating your carpet you will let your carpet colour in an even way. Over time any material left in direct strong sunlight will fade.
  • If there are any loose threats in your carpet please vacuum, don’t pull them out. Cut them with sharp scissors.

Taking care of your Natural Carpets

It is to be made sure that the carpet is kept out of direct sunlight since this might damage the carpet and will lead to bleaching. If stains on the carpet should occur make sure that you spot clean them with warm water and dish soap. After finishing the procedure the carpet should be hung to dry out of direct sunlight. It is always recommended to try this first in a small un-noticeable area. Vacuuming can be a problem sometimes especially on Hemp carpets, the solution for that is to turn the carpet around and hit on the back of it to make sure that all the dirt falls out.

Taking care of your Cowhides and Cowhide Carpets

Maintaining a cowhide product is relatively simple because it is a 100% natural product. You need to be fast with soaking up spills when they occur, take a towel and lay it on top of the affected area. Make sure that all the liquid is soaked up and that you do not rub the stain into the hide or carpet. Cow carpets and hides can be cleaned with soap and water. When vacuuming it should be made sure that this is done in the direction of the hair. Doing this the other way around might lead to damage on the cowhide.

Taking care of your Silk carpet

When cleaning a Silk carpet it is important to never saturate with water. Getting silk wet can reduce its strength significantly and will leave yellow markings behind.
For stains, make sure to only use a mild detergent that will not damage the fibers or the colour  of the carpet.
Make sure to not use the cleaning solution too much because it is hard to rinse these out. The best way to get stains out of your Silk carpet is to let it be cleaned by professionals.
When  you vacuum your silk carpet on a regular basis it is important to not have the machine set on to high suction since it will most likely damage the lining of the carpet.

Taking care of your Viscose Carpets

It is important to know that the fiber of a viscose carpet will break easily when wet so it must be dried immediately to prevent from further damage. Red Wine and natural spills should be treated by pouring salt over the spot which will absorb the liquid like a sponge. Once the salt has soaked up the liquid use a round spoon to pick up the remaining and rinse the spot with cold water. The use of regular vacuuming will prevent soil and dirt from embedding into the pile of the carpet.

Taking care of your Wool Carpets

As wool is more resistance to stains and dirt than other fabrics, it can also be very hard to clean a stain which it had time to set itself into the carpet. A carpet made out of wool should never be cleaned with hot water since that might cause the carpet to shrink. Like other carpets, wool fibers are sensitive, they should never be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme cleaning chemicals. Regular vacuuming will pick up dirt before it has a chance to work its way into depths of your carpet where it can cause the most damage.

Taking care of your Shagzz Carpets

A good way to keep a long pile carpet clean, is to vacuum it on a very regular basis. The use of regular vacuuming will prevent soil and dirt from embedding into the pile of the carpet. If done correctly, vacuuming  can even expand the lifespan of your Long pile carpet. The best way to clean everyday stains out of your long pile carpet is to use water, mop up thee area with a solution of soft soap and warm water.