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Osiris Hertman 

Osiris Hertman is a well-known interior designer from the Netherlands with a love for high quality and unique designs.  Osiris  has designed 2 exclusive Rug collections for EBRU.

In the first collection you will find Cowhide Rugs that have finished with the Tye Dye technique The second collection that Osiris Hertman Designed for EBRU consist of high quality hand knotted Rugs with stunning patterns.

The beautiful patterns in both collections show a clear Osiris Hertman signature and make a wonderful match with EBRU’s well known quality.

You can find the EBRU x Osiris Hertman collections here

Catherina Licitra Ponti 

Caterina Licitra Ponti is the great granddaughter of the well-known Italian Architect, artist, writer and Industrial Designer Gio Ponti.
Catherina has designed the beautiful Rug Survival of the bees for EBRU,

“My inspiration to create “Survival of the bees” comes from a white flower in porcelain of Richard Ginori, that Gio Ponti draw in the 20’s. I imagined that a bee would find her nectar for life… I transformed this dream in a comfortable, luxurious rug.”

Take a look at survival of the Bees here